> ITALERI - A - 10C ''Blacksnackes''

2725 - Scale 1 : 48

A - 10C ''Blacksnackes''

A - 10C ''Blacksnackes''


This large twin-engine plane was built for the U.S. Air Force for troop support and anti-tank missions. Despite its extensive amour and armament the A-10 is highly maneuverable which is particularly important to overcome enemy anti-aircraft fire. The Thunderbolt (also called “Warthog”) was practically built around its remarkable 30 mm gun GAU-8, which can perforate tank amour with its special high performance ammunition. The aircraft was widely used during the Gulf War, where it successfully destroyed a few hundred Iraqis vehicles with minimum losses despite the heavy enemy defense of conventional and missile fire power. A.10  Around the mid-2000s, the A-10, updated to  "C" standard, has been improved to be in line with the changed and evolved operational needs. The A-10C is, in fact, the most modern version of the robust and reliable strike aircraft able to use the most advanced weapon systems and target acquisition pods.

Type: Bombers and reconnaissance aircrafts
Period: Modern
Country: United States
Skill: 4
Model Dim.: 33,8 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 96 mm


Decals for 3 versions


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