> ITALERI - Roman Infantry I.st Cen. b.C.

6021 - Scale 1 : 72

Roman Infantry I.st Cen. b.C.

Roman Infantry I.st Cen. b.C.

The legion was the basic unit of the Roman army. Each maniple was commanded by a centurion, that could be recognized by his leg guards, the vine-stick and the helmet with a transverse crest. The Legion's equipment after the Marian reform was standardized and issued by the State. Legionnaires of this period wore a lorica hamata, reinforced on the shoulders, and were equipped with semi-rectangular shields. Two throwing pila, the gladius and the pugio (a short dagger) completed their equipment.

8+ Wargames Approved

Period: Rome and its enemies
Country: Others
Skill: 1
Model Dim.: 35 cm
Box Dim.: 0 X 0 X 0 mm


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