> ITALERI - PEGASUS BRIDGE - D.Day 75°Ann.1944-2019 - BATTLE SET

6194 - Scale 1 : 72

PEGASUS BRIDGE - D.Day 75°Ann.1944-2019 - BATTLE SET

Temporarily not available on the Online Shop

PEGASUS BRIDGE - D.Day 75°Ann.1944-2019 - BATTLE SET

On the night between 5th and 6th June 1944, during the early stages of the Operation Overlord the 6th British Airborne Division received the goal to capture and control the movable bridge that crossed the Orne River near the city of Ouistreham in Normandy. The control of the bridge, renamed in code “Pegasus” was a key point to make secure the eastern flank of the operational scenario and to prevent German armour troops counterattack that could reach the Allied landing area at Sword beach. The British paratroopers, in Horsa gliders, landed near the bridge and, thanks to a rapid and effective action, defeated the German troops that defended the bridge. Even today the Pegasus Bridge is a point of reference for all those who visit the most significant places of “Overlord”.


Wargames Approved

Type: Diorama accessories
Period: Second World War
Country: France
Skill: 3
Model Dim.: 50 x 16 x 15 cm
Box Dim.: 440 x 270 x 70 mm

Temporarily not available on the Online Shop


Suggested colors

MF Aluminium
F.S. 37178

F Black
F.S. 37038

F Dark Green
F.S. 34079

F Guards Red
F.S. 31350

MF Gun Metal
F.S. 37200

F Leather
F.S. 30100

F Panzer Olivgrün 1943
F.S. 34128

F Pz. Schokobraun RAL 8017
F.S. 30045

F Pz. Schwarzgrau RAL 7021
F.S. 36081

F Rust
F.S. 30109

Sandgelb RLM 79
F.S. 30215

F Skin Tone Tint Base - Light
F.S. 31575

MF Steel
F.S. 37178

F White
F.S. 37875

F Wood
F.S. 17043

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