Caproni Ca. 313/314 Vintage Special Anniversary Edition

Type Bombers and reconnaissance aircrafts

Period Second World War

Country Italy


Box Dim. 345 x 242 x 48 mm

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Among more than 2500 kits produced by Italeri in 60 years of activity the Caproni Ca. 313/314 is the one that deserves a special place in the aviation history and in the model builders’ heart. Faithful to the original in Special Numbered Edition. In the same box and with the original sprues of the first edition.

The twin-engined Ca.313 was developed by Italian aeronautical company Caproni in the late 1930s. Inspired by the Caproni Ca. 310 Libeccio, it was used by the Regia Aeronautica during the Second World War to undertake light bombing, aerial observation and reconnaissance missions. The two 12-cylinder Isotta Fraschini Delta RC 35 engines delivered 730 hp and allowed the Caproni to attain a maximum speed of 430 km / h. The engines powered three-blade metal propellers with variable pitch. The Ca.314 version was modified for use in other roles such as ground attack, maritime reconnaissance, convoy escort and as a torpedo bomber. The "Caproni" were deployed by the Regia Aeronautica on various operational fronts in the Mediterranean and North Africa. They were also used by the Swedish Air Force and the German Luftwaffe.


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