CANT. Z. 501

Type Bombers and reconnaissance aircrafts

Period Second World War

Country Italy


Model Dim. 19,8 cm

Box Dim. 345 x 242 x 48 mm

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Vintage Collection


The model kit CANT. Z. 501 is presented in the same box and with the original sprues of the first version released in 1974. The certified limited edition is guaranteed by an hologram on the box which includes the sequence number of each kit.
Developed by Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico from a design by Ing. Zappata the 501 featured a wooden constructions, a central hull and an extensively braced parasol-wing. Originaly conceived as a reconnaissance-bomber flyng boat. the CANT. Z. 501 flew in 1934. The same year and over again in 1935, established  the world distance record with Mario Stoppani at the controls. Produced in quantity, also by subsidiaries, it was largely employed in the Spanish War and in World War ll; after the armistice it operated with Allied Co-belligerent Air Force. It did a significant job on escort missions, but it is best remembered for its rescue operations.

Decals for 3 versions

Italy Italy 1935-1943 Spain - Civil War

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