> ITALERI - Rafale M Opérations Extérieures 2011

1319 - Scale 1 : 72

Rafale M Opérations Extérieures 2011

Temporarily not available

Rafale M Opérations Extérieures 2011


The Rafale is a fourth generation fighter aircraft manufactured by Dassault Aviation for French Air Force. Featuring a large delta wing and canard wing, and two powerful engines mounted in the tail section and a single, large rudder. It is designed to be used by  the Air Force, where it replaced the Mirage F1 and 2000 and the naval aviation were replaced the Etandard F-8 Crusader. The French Navy Rafale M were extensively used in the operations conducted on Libya in the first half of 2012 alongside the variants used by air force.

Type: Fighter aircrafts
Period: Modern
Country: France
Skill: 3
Model Dim.: 21,2 cm
Box Dim.: 290 x 190 x 45 mm

Temporarily not available


Decals for 2 versions


Suggested colors

MF Gun Metal
F.S. 37200

F Light Ghost Gray
F.S. 36300

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