07 Giugno 2023


Dear Friends, we are proud to show you the preview of our new incoming 1:72 scale model kit dedicated to the AMX Ghibli.

The kit (num. 1460) will have, as our latest production, a high level of details. Here some key features: 100% new moulds, fine engraved lines, photoetched parts, decal sheets including four alternative versions.  

In the photo gallery you can find the preview of "boxart", the parts, the decal sheet and the final assembly and painting tests pictures.  The new kit will be available in the first weeks of June.

Historical Profile.

The AMX "Ghibli" single-engine ground attack aircraft was the result of a collaborative project between the Italian and Brazilian aviation industries. The project was initiated in the 1980s to replace the dated Italian Air Force’s Fiat G-91Y fighter-bomber. The Brazilian Air Force also needed to replace their Italian made MB-326s. The AMX had an aerodynamic lay-out characterized by a high swept wing, and with its Rolls-Royce Spey 807 engine could attain a maximum speed of 1,000 km / h. The Italian version was armed with a 20 mm M61 cannon and could carry an offensive payload of 3,800 kg. The Ghibli was deployed in several operational theaters (eg Afghanistan, Libya) to undertake advanced reconnaissance missions and also to provide close tactical support to ground troops.

You can download the .pdf file with detailed info.

Direct link to detailed product sheet : ITALERI - AMX Ghibli

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