> ITALERI - MV AGUSTA 500 cc. 4 CYLINDERS - 1964

4630 - Scale 1 : 9

MV AGUSTA 500 cc. 4 CYLINDERS - 1964

MV AGUSTA 500 cc. 4 CYLINDERS - 1964

This Cardan-transmission motorcycle, first built in 1950, reached a peak of reliability and competitiveness in 1956 when it adopted chain transmission and a telescopic front fork. The 500 cc 4-cylinder MV Agusta was ridden by the worlds most famous racers - J. Surtees, M. Hailwood, G. Hocking and G. Agostini. Thanks to them this near-unbeatable motorcycle dominated the 500 cc category from 1956 to 1965, winning 9 world titles. It continued competing until 1966 when it was retired to make way for a new, lighter, more manageable 3-cylinder motorcycle.The model, pre-moulded in the original colours and with chrome-plated parts, also
features working suspension and rubber tyres.

Type: moto
Period: from '50
Country: Italy
Skill: 4
Model Dim.: 22,1 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 96 mm


Suggested colors

MF Aluminium
F.S. 37178

G Black
F.S. 17038

F Guards Red
F.S. 31350

MF Gun Metal
F.S. 37200

F Red
F.S. 31400

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