Type Military vehicles

Period Second World War

Country United States


Model Dim. 13,8 cm

Box Dim. 345 x 242 x 48 mm

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1814-2014 Bicentenario della fondazione
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During 1940, while 2nd WW already started, the General Staff of the United States announced a competition for the construction of a light vehicle with four-wheels drive that could serve for many purposes. The tender was attended by the American Bantam Company, the Willys Overland Motor and Ford Motor Co. The choice fell on the Willys, which, after a pre-production of 1500 vehicles, from the 1941 was put on the assembly lines and produced in 640,000 units, 277,000 of which were produced from Ford. This was the reason why the "Jeep" was the vehicle mostly produced from the military industry during the 2nd WW.Immediately after the war, the Carabinieri Army were equipped with Jeep from various A.R.A.R. camps (camps where Italian, German and allies military vehicles left on the Italian peninsula at the end of the war were collected), which remained in service until the 'beginning of the 50s, when the vehicles began to be already too worn from the use.

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