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Dear Friends, we are proud to present our “Model Kit Preview” including all new scale model kits that we will release during 2021.

You can easily download, as usual, the .pdf file full of information. As you can see we will launch interesting scale models in all product lines. The cover is dedicated to one of the most important new scale model of the year: the Scania S730 Highline 1:24 scale. 2021 will also be the year of the release of the “icon” on four wheels :  the  Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V 1:12 scale.  After the great success of the Tornado GR.4, just launched, we will enlarge the family presenting the new Tornado IDS / ECR 1:32 scale. Another important new kit in 1:48 scale will be dedicated to the F-35B Lightning II. In the Military Vehicles range we will present the 1:35 scale T-34/76, that will be characterised by a very high level of details, and the Italian Self-Propelled M42 75/34. With reference to historical events,  we will present a new line of aircrafts and military vehicles dedicated to the Korean War and the re-edition of a classic kit, improved in content: Waterloo 1815 - La Haye Sainte. These are just some news but you can find all details in our “2021 Preview” that you can easily download here below.

Thanks a lot once again for yours attention and interest to our job.

The Italeri staff.

download news/AY8p8Mc4VebT1GVJ5SVhR0wRFuvMlyG6nbu5dgSD.pdf

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