ITALERI - modellismo in scala dal 1962

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Dear Friends, 

we would like to introduce a new edition of our “contest on line” dedicated to Tanks and Military Vehicles. We will have two dedicated sections. The “standard” area and the “beginner” area.

Here below how our contest will work :

Send us by e-mail your scale model pictures of  tanks, military vehicles and diorama (done using Italeri scale model kits) to our e-mail address  before 10th November  2017. 

We will evaluate them, according to the parameters indicated here below and we will “post” on our Facebook page the best selection of them.

We will make our first selection of  your works in the following categories (from 1 to 5 points):

1 – Historical consistency

2 – Modelling skills (assembly, painting, ..)

3 – Scenario (aging, setting…)

4 - Picture quality (light and shadow, angle of the photo, absence of disorder elements ..)

5 – Supporting description (text able to describe the operational aspects, historical use and modelling details)

The "Selection" will be done according to the sum of the scores collected in the categories listed above. We will create two separate selections : one for the “standard” and one for the “beginner”

Models will be selected and posted on our Facebook page in two distinct areas ("standard" models area and “beginner” models area). Only you will be able to decide the final ranking for both areas.  In fact, you will have 7 days, from the time when we will post the selected scale models on Facebook, to assign your vote.  After that days,  we will check the total number of “I like” per model and we will publish the final top charts.

Italeri also reserves the right to assign to the top score scale modes, published on line, some compliments.

Who can participate to  "beginner" contest.

It is dedicated to “novice” modelers with less than 1 year of experience.  At the time you send us yours emails you should indicate yours will to participate in “beginner” section.

Fair Play Rules.

• When you send your e-mail you have to express where you would like to participate (standard or beginner). We require honesty and fair play. Italeri staff  will have the possibility to exclude from “beginner” area, scale models that are considered by the staff, the results of years of experience.

• Fairness during the vote process on Facebook. Rapid increases in the number of "I like",  that can be obtained by buying votes online, will be analysed and can be considered a reason for the exclusion in the final ranking.

• Language. All the FB posts that will include, “bad words”, inappropriate or offensive language, will be immediately deleted.

• We would like to point out that our "contest" is made to spread the passion for our  marvellous  hobby and our “contest” should be interpreted with this philosophy by all.

Good luck …

Legal disclaimer: The sender of the e-mail assumes full responsibility for the accuracy, authenticity and authorship of the photographic material sent. The sender will give to Italeri Spa the possibility to manage the personal information indicated in the e-mail for the purposes linked with the on line contest and in accordance with D.lgs 193/2003 (Italian Law).


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