6505 - scale 1 : 35

15 CWT truck with Breda 20/65

15 CWT truck with Breda 20/65

During WW II Canada produced well over 850.000 military motor vehicles which includes one of the most widely used types: the 4 x 2 type Chevrolet 15 CWT. This vehicule was the backbone of the Australian, British and Canadian Forces but was also supplied to many of the other Allies including the Sovjet Union, China and India. The truck was used or transporting troops, ammunition and other war material. The design was based on a British Army design and the vehicle was built by General Motors of Canada as well as in Australia. The engines were also supplied through American manufacturers.

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Type: Military vehicles
Period: Second World War
Country: Great Britain
Skill: 4
Model Dim.: 17,1 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 240 x 47 mm


Decals for 4 versions

Australia WWII Canada United Kingdom

Suggested colors

F Black
F.S. 37038

MF Gun Metal
F.S. 37200

F Sand
F.S. 30475